Album Release: Sons Of A Wanted Man: KENOMA! support by INVICTUS & DE BRANDING

Album Release: Sons Of A Wanted Man: KENOMA!

Beringse metalheads (Postened Black Metal) van Sons Of A Wanted Man brengen een nieuw album uit (wereldwijde distributie): KENOMA op het Frans label: Les Acteurs de l'ombre Productions.

Dat moet gevierd worden met een releaseshow op zaterdag 1 februari met bevriende bands: Invictus en De Branding. Wie niet kan wachten, kan hier al de nieuwe clip bekijken.  


Sons Of A Wanted Man
Blackened Post-Metal from Beringen / Antwerp. Releasing their debut full-length 'KENOMA' on Les Acteurs De L'Ombre. The label described the album as followed:

"Boundaries. Between inner chaos and surrounding devastation. Between the humanity, too human, and the divine, terrifying. Between ecstatic darkness and burning illuminations. Black metal, post-black, shoegaze and punk hardcore were needed, at least, to bend these limits and turning them into power lines. Sons of a Wanted Man engages seamlessly in these crossings between worlds and styles. Through Kenoma, this Belgian band redraws the limits of void and infinity with its dense and powerful music."

Straight Edge 90's metalcore from Limburg in the veins of Liar and Sektor. Bringing back the legendary H8000 sound in a modern package.

de branding
Dark acoustic folk from the coast of Belgium sung in a West-Flemisch dialect. Seldom comprehensible, but always intimate, sincere and filled with emotions. de branding is rooted in hardcore ethics and seamlessly shifts between eerie melodies and upbeat chaos.


Vegan catering - prepared by Cynthia Nachos - is available throughout the evening.

Pre-sale: €8* with FREE exclusive 'KENOMA' tote bag
Doors: €10

Het artistiek project van We claim the streets zeefdrukt exclusieve 'KENOMA' tote bags voor iedereen die een voorverkoopkaart heeft.